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Enrollment Deadline18th of month Prior to Effective date  
Issue Age18 to any age  
Example Family of 5 gets $15,000
in annual dental benefits
Provider Lookup (Classic Network)http://plusnetwork.fcldental.com/
Annual Max$3,000 per person
$25 co-pay per visit
Guaranteedd AcceptanceNo Age limit restrictionNo Age limit restriction
Waiting PeriodNone
On your activation date, you have access to the full range of dental benefits Type 1, 2
Preventive ServicesCOVERAGE 100%
Includes exams, cleanings, bitewing x-rays, and fluride treaments.
Basic ServicesCOVERAGE 80%
Includes filings, full mouth x-rays, sealants, restorative amalgams & composites, simple tooth extractions.
Major Services
(Services with 12 month waiting period)
Includes oral surgery, endodontics,
all periodontics, dentures, crowns,
bridges, complex extractions, anesthesia, onlays and implants.
*12 month waiting period on Type 3 services

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